Research and trend watching show that good room management solutions are indispensable in today’s organizations and intelligent buildings.

Huddle rooms – the new concept!

Huddle-what? Huddle, a term that is upcoming within organizations. Huddle means ‘a small private congress or meeting’. Huddle rooms are rooms that are perfect for small, fast, productive meetings of around 6 participants or less.

Average time that a traditional meeting room is NOT filled to capacity.



Average time that a traditional meeting room stands empty.



The trend

Where larger meeting rooms and boardrooms always get the most attention when booking and also when installing audiovisual equipment, interest in huddle rooms is increasing significantly. The expectation is that millions of existing rooms will be transformed into huddle rooms in the coming years. And this trend is also visible in the Netherlands.

* Surface of an average huddle room
** Surface of an average boardroom

  • want use their existing rooms more effectively
  • need smaller rooms for short, quick meetings
  • want to use rooms for its ease of use and simplicity
  • Want to meet today’s collaborative needs
  • A huddle room is 80% cheaper than a boardroom. 80%

The explosive rise of huddle rooms creates an automatic demand for a good room management solution. Otherwise, these rooms will not be used effectively and efficiently and will lose their added value. BrightBooking is such a solution that makes searching and booking a room very easy and you get the most from all your rooms.

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