Digital Reception

Puts a smile on your visitors face

Give visitors the possibility to directly contact with their host and without the interference of a receptionist

We all know that feeling at a reception…

You make your way to the desk and the receptionist is currently on the phone and asks for your patience. While you are waiting the feeling of impatience comes up, because you want to be on time. After the phone is hung up you are given the task to sign in where you can see the personal data of all other visitors. The receptionist is calling your host to inform that you are there. What if he or she is already on the phone or not available? You still have to wait. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you can sign in on a digital screen? Brightbooking Digital Reception offers that solution and more.

Very simple self-registration of visitors and easy recognition thanks to badges.

Realtime online insight who is in the building and who visited when.

Telephonist/receptionist can do her core tasks and better perform her role as hostess.

Compatible with visitor registration requirements and AVG/GDPR compliant.

Contact person automatically receives an email, SMS or push message as a visitor is registered.


You can set the registration process, the screen templates and the visitor badge by yourself. Logo, accent color, texts, entry fields and visitor type can be configured and the badge can be printed with photo, logo and/or QR code.

The software is suitable for use at multiple sites, is available in multilingual (standard NL/ENG) and can be linked with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. A link with your own access control system can optionally be realized.

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