Gives mobile and flexible working the desired added value

BrightBooking Desk Management is a very easy to use online solution which gives you the ability to find and book a suitable workplace. Or use the automatic occupation detection. Desk Management helps to facilitate the rising demand of working on a mobile and flexible base. With this solution an effective, modern and cost saving workplace will be created.

Most important advantages and features

  • Stimulates the New Agile Working
  • Make a reservation whenever, wherever
  • Find your colleagues fast and easy
  • Empty though booked desks aren’t possible anymore
  • Great way of saving costs and energy

The heart of the software

Your personal assistant

Detects occupations and ‘no shows’ automatically

Interactive maps

Flexible working

Employees become more productive when they can work in a wide variety of workspaces. This variety is the essential point for making flexible working a success or not. That is the conclusion of research under more than 120.000 employees. 85% of them says that they will be more productive in a flexible working environment.

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