We are going to say goodbye to the name BrightBooking

and say hello to GoBright MEET, WORK and VISIT
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BrightBooking, the most complete room / desk booking and visitor registration solution

BrightBooking introduces a smarter reservation process and reduces administration time within organisations. BrightBooking facilitates the increasing demand for efficient meetings and mobile and flexible working. And due to BrightBooking everyone finds easier and faster the route inside the building.

Room management

Get the maximum efficiency out of your rooms


Unused capacity of traditional meeting rooms.


Unused availability of traditional meeting rooms.

Desk management

Gives mobile and flexible working the desired added value

A workplace is no longer your own desk with a screen. Organisations are creating more and more ‘flexiplaces’. This causes more movements on the work floor, stimulates the creative thinking process and has a positive impact on the productivity.

The New Agile Working goes more and more about collaboration


Prevents searching and an overview of first coming reservations


Interactive maps for a handy overview, quick and easy reservations or finding colleagues. Adjustable and manageable by yourself.


Professional and modern self registration of visitors

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